photos by Katie Fafinski

Since moving to Minnesota I am so grateful to have been given space and opportunity in this season to contemplate my journey—as an artist and as a kin of Jesus.  I’ve been able to evaluate my disposition towards creativity,  seek creative inspiration and integrate it as a regular part of my process, and welcome my higher power to unveil what beauty he wants the world to know through me.

I’ve remained fairly guarded recently with being vulnerable on most social media platforms.  Social media is a gift for connecting the masses over miles of land and sea; I love learning more about the world through the eyes of different people and so easily wondering about people, places, and a God outside myself.  This post isn’t going to be an exception.  I believe in being guarded because I think a real standard of intimacy is at stake when we plaster our hearts for others to access without human interaction.  Conversely I also think there are fruits of ourselves we can share on this mode that are edifying to one another, so I wanted to welcome anyone who has resonated with my journey and share with you some of the places I can be found online (and also the kombucha recipe I’ve been using).

@gracehouse.mpls is a non-profit organization of Jesus and people lovers that I have absolutely fallen in love with! In short, I received an invitation to a worship night when I first moved here and was blown away by what a high-quality Jesus praise party these folks threw.  A few weeks later I got some coffee with their founder and was so excited to take up an oppurtunity as a managing partner with their instagram account.

@timberpoems is an instagram account my dear friend Nathan Johnston started to share his poetry with the online community.  He periodically uses photos I send his way to pair with his words.

@dreamersthatdopodcast is a podcast my friend Mary Clare was featured on recently & my photos of her were as well!  As a new podcast junkie I was so so excited to listen—and it’s absolutely a great use of your time.

Aaaaand here’s those kombucha instructions

Thanks for reading! I’ll be stepping off social media for the forty days prior to Easter and can be reached for inquiry at jacquelinekayleighh@gmail.com

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