hire me!

Hi! My name is Jacque.  I believe in: The unique qualities of every relationship.  Movement-driven direction.  Always carrying a rain coat so you can sit down on a park bench in your wedding dress.  Beauty.  The joy of simple, human interactions.  Kindness.  Telling the truth through photos.

I’m honored you’re taking my skill set into consideration!  I’m well-versed in portrait photography and have extensive experience photographing a variety of events (galas to conferences) and weddings (my favorite!!!).  While my experience field is vast, the common theme between every situation and portrait session I walk into is a disposition dedicated to honestly telling the story of a person and/or a day through photos.

In order to give you the most accurate investment information, I invite you to visit the Contact tab & strike up a conversation.  Investment is dependent on differing needs such as location, time commitment, budget, type of services, etc.

Payment plans available.

Weddings starting at $2100, Portrait packages starting at $200